A necromantic money spell with demon Bune


This post will describe the creation of a money talisman for your purse. I summon demon Bune and the dead for such tasks.

You are lucky if you can call upon your own dead folks from your own blood line, because you will need an item that belonged to the dead and also their graveyard dirt.

Keep the graveyard dirt (from the grave of the dead relative) on your altar when you summon the spirit. Or, you can powder the boundaries of your circle with the dirt.


The seal of Bune from Goetia.



The timing of the ritual

When to do this ritual? Waxing or full moon are the best times. Fridays are best, but you can do magick during other days too.



These are the items you will need:

1 white candle

money oil

The talisman parts are such:

the seal of Bune

a paper card (business card) from a bank or a jewelry store

or dirt from the bank (or from a huge supermarket)

the photo of the dead person

or his/her ID card, drivers licence, etc.

paper money

a small envelope

your purse

mint oil (to annoint the seal of Bune and your purse)


Herbs for the money drawing powder:





Store the herbs together with the money, coins or other “money vibrating” items 24 hours before your ritual.

One part of the money drawing powder will become a part of your talisman for your purse while the second part will be used to powder your entrance carpet and also all the carpets in your home.


Summon Bune and the dead when you are inside your ritual circle. Ask Bune and the spirit of the dead to help you to obtain money.

Don’t worry regarding the way money will come to you and do not place lots of stipulations in the way of your spell.

State that you want money in all forms and coming to you via all possible avenues: solid, liquid and as equivalent of cash, food, clothes, etc.

Activate the items you use as the components for your talisman with Air, Fire, Water and Earth (consecrate them).

Pack your talisman. Raise power and project it into the envelope that now contains your talisman. Thank Bune and the summoned spirit of the dead/spirits and give the licence to depart.

After you have finished your ritual pack the talisman into your purse and powder your home with the money drawing powder.

Bune and the dead will help!


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