A money spell with the 1st pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon


The 1st pentacle of Jupiter (Clavicula Salomonis).


I love to do magick with the spirits of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. People often ask me: “Can I summon two demons at once?” Yes, of course, you can summon many spirits during one and the same ritual.

In this ritual with the first pentacle of Jupiter, 5 spirits are summoned: Parasiel, Netoniel, Tzedeqiah, Devachiah and Johphiel (the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter).


The 3rd pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon.


The seal of Johphiel and Jupiter are parts of the third pentacle of Jupiter. This spirit controls the summoned forces and arranges them into a friendly team.

Some people may say that the third pentacle of Jupiter is not needed. I use the third pentacle of Jupiter in combination with the first, fourh, sixth and seventh pentacles of Jupiter.

I have done magick with the forces of Saturn for protection and I used the seal of Saturn, Agiel and Zazel to direct the forces.


A Saturn talisman (Azazel, Zazel and Agiel).





The structure of the 1st pentacle of Jupiter


This is the central disc with the characters of Jupiter.


The first pentacle consists of five parts:

the central disc with the characters of Jupiter

the seal of Parasiel (פּרסיאל)


This is the seal of Parasiel.


the seal of Netoniel (נתוניאל)


This is the seal of Netoniel.


the seal of Tzedeqiah (צדקיה)


This is the seal of Tzedeqiah.


the seal of Devachiah (דוחיה)


The seal of Devachiah.


I assembled all five discs into one drawing. Such drawing projects are very time consuming. I do not allow myself to make mistakes, because mistakes are a waste of my time and effort.


The 1st pentacle of Jupiter (Clavicula Salomonis).


I do money magick with such drawings. They are practical, because I print them out on ordinary A4 format office paper. When I have done my spell, I fold the drawing and carry it in my purse.



From where do the spirits of Jupiter come?


The spirits of Jupiter come from Chesed.


In the table below you can see the correspondences of Chesed:

Ruling planet: Jupiter


Qabalistic correspondences for spells
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sephira Yesod Geburah Hod Chesed Netzach Binah Tiphareth
Ruling planet Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
Archangel Gabriel Khamael Michael Tzadiqel Haniel Tzaphqiel Raphael
Angel Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael
Seal colour Purple Red Orange Blue Green Dark grey Yellow
Seal metal Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead Gold
Gem Quartz Ruby Quartz Amethyst Emerald Pearl Topaz
Number 9 5 8 4 7 3 6


Tzadiqel is Tzadkiel. I don’t remember the source of these correspondences, because I put them into my Book of Shadows without jotting down the source.


Day: Thursday

Astro hour: Jupiter

Altar cloth color: blue

paper seal color: blue

metal seal: tin

gems: sapphire and amethysts

number in magick: 4 (coins or candles)

Summon the spirits of Jupiter during a Thursday that is as near to the full moon as possible. Aim for the astrological hour of Jupiter.



What you will need:

the 1st pentacle of Jupiter

the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter

one white candle

4 coins

mint oil

money powder (cinnamon and nutmeg / ratio 2: 1)

Activate the 1st and the 3rd pentacle using your own method of consecration. I present the pentacles to the Elemental powers at the four sides of my circle (East, South, West and North).

Sometimes I have the representations of these forces on my altar and do the consecration at my altar.

You will have to call all five spirits one after another. This will take time. For example, I found this evocation in my BOS:

” I evoke and conjure you Parasiel. Lord of riches from Chesed, Parasiel, please come to me and please help me. I want a constant supply of money for comfortable living. I want money and I want to earn the money myself.”

I also stated that I needed a new phone, books and other stuff. Then I went on with the evocations of the other spirits.

I placed my blood on the 1st pentacle of Jupiter, applied mint oil and powdered it a little bit of money powder. During the ritual, I placed a coin on each spirit seal of the 1st pentacle of Jupiter.

Well, the experience during the ritual was very pleasant. When I finished my ritual, I placed the folded 1st pentacle of Jupiter into my purse.

The things I asked for came to me one after another. I see high value in occult books, I love them and want them, and that is why the phone was not so important to me.



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