The shrine of Death in your home



Bune taught me necromancy and I dream of the dead very often.


The dead folks are not dead for a Witch. The dead are alive in other dimensions of reality and can be summoned by the Witch as soon a need for defence will arise. In my home I have a Death shrine.

I have a strong connection to the cemeteries and therefore have strong bonds with the dead. Because I summon the dead very often while powdering my ritual area with graveyard dirt during my Voodoo rituals, I have ghosts as a side effect of my Witchcraft.

So how do you create a Death shrine in your home? Do you have a need for such a shrine? You have a need for a Death shrine if you are deeply involved with Voodoo to keep in touch with your dead allies.

I have a dead friend who was a skilled lawer and it is this bond I nurture since long. This dead friend has helped me to defend myself from some people in positions of power who tried to treat me unfair by crossing the law and by missuse of their power.




So here is my Death shrine. I have my friend’s picture, his badge he used to wear on his tie, and of course his Law Book.

I store all sorts of graveyard dirt and coffin nails on the Death shrine and burn candles in the evening to honor my beloved friend.

If the need will arise, I know I have a powerful dead man who will stand up for me and curse the troublemaker who tries to treat me poorly.


coffin nails_Voodoo Hoodoo_black magic_voodoo doll_curses


On one occasion a man in a position of power made a decision that was aimed to ruin me. I got really mad at the bastard and wanted to punish him cruelly.

So I used my friend’s Law Book to charge the coffin nails, the logotype of the company where the evil man worked, the evil mans Voodoo doll, the document issued by the heartless man and many other props which I used in my ritual.

I won the war with the aid of my dead friend. I sent attack after attack to the evil bastard. After three months the decision was changed by another man who suddenly came into play.

What happened to the evil man? Well, I don’t care at all. But a string of bad luck and illness may be the beginning of trouble caused by me.

The decision made by another man who was a lawer benefited me this time. The Law said that the evil man had no right to make a decision aimed to cause me problems. Such is the power of Voodoo!