How to make a love list for your love spell


The seal of Beleth from Goetia.


To find a suitable mate for a long lasting relationship is no easy task. The task of searching for a mate may take a long time if you desire a very special person.

There is nothing wrong with the love spells and they are powerful. But the spells may fail if you get too specific in your ideas about your mate: this person may simply live in another country.

Why should you get too specific in the formulation of your love spells? You must know that relationships last long if you and your future mate have some common interests to share.

This point is very important, because the joys and magnetism of physical pleasures last only upto 5 years. After this, most couples, which lack common interests split.

But if you have strong interests that you share with each other while enjoying life, your love will be enhanced and will be long lasting.

Moreover, you want to attract a parner who is sexually compatible with you. Do not assume that the Universe knows your sexual preferences.

For these reasons it makes sense to make a love list. Use this love list in your spells with demons and read the list for the demons.



And one last point: if you are brokenhearted and desperate for love, you will get more dissapointed and more desperate for love.

The way you feel is your magnet (or energy) that will attract uncaring lovers who will make you feel worse and worse until you collapse.

Slow down your desire to find a partner immediately and take it easy. Know whom you desire, dream this person into your reality, and allow life to bring this person to you. Good luck!



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