Reversing Voodoo Love spells by destroying the doll of the target

Voodoo Hoodoo_kärleksmagi_tarot spådom_häxkonst_voodoo docka

Voodoo love spells are very dangerous and they take charge of your target very fast on a very deep level. Within 2 weeks the target of your manipulative spell will go crazy by experiencing hot pangs of love and by becoming very horny. Some men are dangerous to a woman and it is important to know when you start to become the object of heavy amorous harrasments that start to emanate from the target of your spell.

After two weeks of my spell, I knew that I have crossed the law and am bending the free will of my target. I consulted a friend and was advised to break the spell before it is too late. Of course, the original spell involved a Voodoo doll of the target. It was luck for me that I had retained the doll at home. If I had thrown away the doll, there would be no way of stopping the spell that with time would result in a catastrophe for me and my target.

I had done the reversal of the Voodoo spell inside my ritual circle. The phase of the moon is important: if you can, do the reversal when the moon is full or waning. I was so scared of the way the target started to behave that I did the reversal at once disregarding the phase of the moon. The danger is great when Voodoo dolls are involved. If you do not reverse the spell in time, before the thoughtform has grown large and beyong your control, you may never be able to stop the spell. In this case you will have an obsessed and very horny man hunting after you.

You will need:

a white candle (colour it black with a black marker pen)

lime juice to paint the candle

the doll of the target

small scissors

black marker pen

a dish

Light the sour reversible candle. Paint over the targets name and adress with the black marker pen. Start to disassemble the doll of the target. Take out the cotton from the head along with the intoxicating substances, paper slips with written thoughts, herbs and mixtures of controlling and confusing powders. State that no harm shall befall the target and that the target will become “sober” from the pangs of horny love at once to ensure that you are safe from danger.  Empty the doll of all the horny herbs. Pour out the contents of the dangerous doll into a dish.


Let the candle burn out. The remnants of the doll can be burried, burned or discarded into trash. The target may continue to hunt for you for a while, but in this case it is better to avoid contact. Hopefully they will find someone else to love with their horny love.