Demonic archetypes described in the Clavicula Salomonis


The Qliphotic Tree of Life is a map of Hell and houses infernal powers of Hell.


Hopefully, my maps of Qabalah will aid you in your planning of Qabalistic Witchcraft. I include also some correspondences, which you can combine in your spells when you summon Archangels (and Archdemons) to achieve your goals. You will have to copy the seal of the entity for use in your ritual. Consecrate the seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth and then summon the force.

White text = angelic forces

Red text = demonic archetypes

Besides Archangels I also show the shells “behind” the Sephiroth, which are occupied by demonic archetypes. People often ask me:” Does the Devil exist?” The answer to this question is an absolute YES. Satan is called Shaitan in Hebrew. He is the Devil and is a force strongly opposed to God i Christian lore.

Also, Lucifer and Satan are two different archetypes and occupy different energy levels on the Tree of Life (Tree of Death). At least so describes the myth found in Clavicula Salomonis. But in my belief system Satan = Lucifer.

The Clavicula Salomonis gives useful information about Satan who is  assigned to the first Qlipha Thamiel. Satan is the antagonist of Chaioth Ha-Qadesh who are the spirits of the Sephira called the Crown and Kether in Hebrew (the highest frequency of energy in our Universe).

So the spirit called Satan is assigned to the highest energy level on the Qabalistic Tree of Death. This energy is God himself.  The spirit called Lucifuge (falsely called Lucifer) is assigned to the third lower energy level of  Satariel (the shell of Binah). Beelzebub is assigned to the second highest sphere Chaigidel (the shell of Sephirah Chokmah).


The Sephirotic Tree of Life is a map of heaven and houses Archangels and Angels.




Sphere number 1/Thamiel (shell of Kether)


The chief spirit of the order of Thamiels (the double headed spirits of the sphere called Thamiel) is Satan. This spirit is actually double heahed: one head is Satan and the other head is Moloch.

The double headed inferior spirits under Satan and Moloch are the demons of revolt and anarchy. So, Satan is God himself. He opposes the Jewish God Elohim.


The seal of Satan from Compendium Rarissimum. My patron instructed me to create a hybrid seal for use in my spells.


The top Sephira is called Kether. This sphere is ruled by Archangel Metatron. Below is his seal:


The seal of Archangel Metatron (ruler of Kether and Malkuth).


If you want to know more about the Archangels and magick with Angels, I have a post for you: Qabalistic correspondences for magick with Archangels and Angels.



Sphere number 2/Chaigidel (shell of Chokmah)


Chief Spirit: BeelzebuthThis spirit is mentioned in the Grimoirium Verum and also in Compendium Rarissimum.


The most probable seal of Beelzebuth from Grimoirium Verum.


Archangel Ratziel rules Chokman (the area of the zodiac). His name is written so: רציאל. I took the spelling from the “Three books of Occult philosophy”.


The seal of Archangel Ratziel (ruler of Chokmah).



Sphere number 3/Satariel (shell of Binah)

Ruling planet: Saturn

Meaning of Binah: death, reincarnation, silence, eternity

Features of Saturn: constriction, destruction, shrinking of problems

Number in Qabalistic magick: 3

Astrological symbol of Saturn:

Bildresultat för saturn symbol


Archangel of Binah: Tzaphkiel (Tzaphqiel) belonging to the Angelic order of Araleem who are The Strong Ones


The seal of Archangel Tzaphkiel (ruler of Binah).


Spirits of Binah: the Araleem with the tasks of idea creation and thought stimulation

Adversaries of the Araleem: Satariels (demons)

Chief of Satariels: Lucifuge (falsely called Lucifer). The seal of Lucifer is well known and is found in some 16th century spell books.


Grimoirium Verum. The seal of Lucifer reminds of a chalice.



The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale. Grimoirium Verum & the Grand Grimoire.

The demon Belial was created next after Lucifer. This may mean that Belial belongs to almost the same energy level as Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Lucifuge, that is, Belial may be the spirit of Satariel.

The seal of Belial is found in Goetia and according to Goetia, Belial is a solar spirit (the shell Thagirion/ also may be the area of Tiphareth).


The seal of Belial from Goetia.


Leviathan probably belongs to Satariel too as he is the Serpent who appears in the story of Eve and Adam. When God expelled Eve and Adam from the Paradise, the Serpent “fell down” and polluted the lower Sephiroth.

The Watchtowers of the Luciferian circle are Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan and Belial (also this system originates from Medieval times; “The sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage”).

All four therefore must resonate well with the Supernal energy level (forces are energy or electric charges).



The source of this information about Satan (Thaumiel/Kether), Beelzebuth (Chaigidel/Chokmah) and Lucifuge (Satariel/Binah): Clavicula Salomonis.

This information makes sense to me, because Thaumiel (the shell of Kether), Chaigidel (the shell of Chokmah) and Satariel (the shell of Binah) construct the Supernal triangle on the Tree of Death.

The vibrations of these three Qliphoth are too high to accommodate someone less than Satan, Beelzebuth and Lucifuge. 

The demonic Queen of Gamaliel (the shell of Yesod) is Lilith. You will find the Qlipha of Gamaliel (the shell of Sephira Yesod) below as you scroll down.



Sphere number 3/Binah (continued)


Archangel of Binah: Tzaphkiel


The seal of Archangel Tzaphkiel (ruler of Binah).


Features and help in matters of: developing of your intuition and understanding of life

God name in Hebrew to vibrate during your ritual: Yod Heh Vah Heh Elohim

Seal colour if you use hard quality paper: dark grey

Candles: black

Metal: lead

Qabalistic gem magick: pearl or sapphire

The most auspicious time to summon Tzaphkiel: Friday to Saturday night after midnight and until sunrise.

Ideas for your spells during the fullmoon or when the moon is becoming dark

3 black candles

dark grey seal

symbol of Saturnus

Seak revelation of secrets and prophetic dreams of Tzaphkiel. Keep the charged seal near your bed.



Qlipha number 4/Gamchicoth (the shell of Chesed)


Ruling planet: Jupiter

Meaning of Chesed: generiousity of God

Features of Jupiter: drawing forth abundance to people, new opportunities for money making, jobs

Number in Qabalistic magick: 4 (use four coins in money magick while summoning entities)

Astrological symbol of Jupiter:

Image result for symbol of jupiter



Arhangel of Chezed: Tzadkiel (belongs to the angelic order of Chasmaleem), the Ruler of Chesed.


The seal of Archangel Tzadkiel (ruler of Chesed).


The adversaries of Chasmaleem are the spirits Gamchicoth (disturbers of souls). The chief demonic spirit of the Gamchicoth is the Goetic spirit Astaroth.


The seal of Astaroth from Goetia.



The portrait of the Grand Duke Astatoth from a page in Goetia.


The seal of Tzadkiel from the Armadel.


Seal colour for both Astaroth and Tzadkiel: blue

Candle colour: blue

Seal in metal: tin

Gem: sapphire, amethyst

God name: El

The most auspicious time to summon Tzadkiel: Wednesday to Thursday night after midnigt and until sunrise.

The same shedule applies to the ritual of summoning Astaroth if you stick to the model from the Key of Solomon. But if you are doing Goetia magick, call Astaroth during a Friday.

Ideas for you: do the spell as near the full moon night as possible. Choose a night between Wednesday and Thursday.

Seal colour: blue

Candle colour: blue (1 will be enough to use)

Use: 4 coins around this blue candle

Herb: powdered cinnamon placed on the coins and on the seal.

After the ritual is over place the charged coins under your entrance doormat.







Qlipha number 5/Golab (shell of Geburah)


Ruling planet: Mars

Meaning of Geburah: Power

Features of Geburah: brutal force, enormous power, courage, resiliens, winning wars, self defence

Number in Qabalistic magick: 5

Astrological symbol of Mars:

Archangel of Geburah: Khamael belonging to the Angelic order of Serapheem


The seal of Archangel Khamael (ruler of Geburah).


The Serafeem have antagonists who are the Golab. The Goetic spirit Asmodeus (Asmoday) is the chief spirit of the Golab (according to the Key of Solomon).


The Goetic seal of Asmodeus.


Seal color for both Asmoday and Khamael: red (but yellow for Asmoday according to the Goetia)

Candle colour: red

Seal in metal: Iron

Gem: ruby or (try red carnelian)

God name: Eloheem Giboor

The most auspicious time to summon Khamael of Geburah: the night between Monday and Tuesday after midnight and until sunrise.

Ideas for you in spells of protection:

full moon, red or black altar cloth, red och black candles, sword or dagger as a weapon, carnelian, etc.



Qlipha number 6/Thagirion (shell of Tiphareth)




Ruling planet: Sun

Meaning of Tiphareth: the mind of God (Buddha consciousness), unconditional love, altruism

Features of Tiphareth: love and beauty, healing on the soul level, forgiveness, shamanic healing of trauma by joining the de-fragmented parts of the soul

Number in Qabalistic magick: 6

Astrological symbol of the Sun:

Image result for astrological symbol of the sun


Archangel of Tiphareth: Raphael belonging to the Angelic order of Malacheem.


The seal of Archangel Raphael (ruler of Tiphareth).


Seal color: yellow or gold

Seal in metal: gold

Candle colour: yellow or gold

Gem: topaz

God name to vibrate during summonings: Yod Heh Vah Heh Eloah Vdaath

The Archdemon of Thagirion is Belphegor.

Yod Heh Vah Heh is written usually as YHVH and because Hebrew lacks vowels this YHVH translates into the 4- fold name of the Jewish God Elohim.

Shemhamphorash is a word strongly associated with Satanism and suspicion towards Satanic sects and the horrors of Ceremonial magick displayed by Hollywood movie makers.

This word means nothing more than Yod Heh Vah Heh, that is, the 4- fold name of the Jewish God (Tetragrammaton).

The most auspicious time to summon Raphael of Tiphareth: the night between Saturday and Sunday after midnight and until sunrise.



The Tree of Life with its 10 Sephiroth.


Qlipha number 7/Harab Serapel (the shell of Netzach)


Ruling planet: Venus

Meaning of Netzach: rising sun, glory, love, human feelings, the fire in human souls, desire

Features of Netzach: love, all sort of human feelings

Archangel of Netzach: Haniel belonging to the Angelic order of Eloheem


The seal of Archangel Haniel (ruler of Netzach).


Number in Qabalistic magick: 7

Astrological symbol of the Venus:

Image result for astrological symbol of venus

Seal color: Green

Candle colour: green

Seal in metal: Copper

Gem use in your spells: Emerald (I think that green gems can be used too/green jade)

God name to vibrate during ritual: Yod Heh Vah Heh Tzva-hoht

The most auspicious time to summon Haniel from Netzach is: the night between Thursday and Friday after midnight and until sunrise (summon Bune, Haures and Zepar also during this time).

Some Venusian spirits from Goetia are: Zepar, Haures and Bune.


The seal of Duke Zepar (helps in matters of love).



The seal of Haures. This spirits will help if you need to defend yourself.



The seal of Bune. This spirit helps you to become richer.







Qlipha number 8/Samael (the shell of Hod)


Ruling planet: Mercury

Meaning of Hod: the intellect, the brain, human thought, logical thinking

Features of Hod: logic

Number in Qabalistic magick: 8

Astrological symbol of the Mercury:

Image result for astrological symbol of mercury


Archangel of Hod: Michael who belongs to the Angelic order of Beney Eloheem



The seal of Archangel Michael (ruler of Hod).


Seal colour: Orange

Candle colour: Orange

Seal made of metal: Mercury

Gem: Quartz

God name: Elohim Tzva-hoht

The most auspicious time to summon Michael: the night between Tuesday and Wednesday after midnight and until sunrise.





Qlipha number 9/Gamaliel (shell of Yesod)


Ruling planet: Moon

Meaning of Yesod: the astral plane, the unconscious mind

Features of Yesod: magick, deep mind

Number in Qabalistic magick: 9

Astrological symbol of the Moon:


Image result for astrological symbol of moon


Archangel of Yesod: Gabriel who  belongs to the Angelic order Kerubeem



The seal of Archangel Gabriel (ruler of Yesod).


The Kerubeem have antagonistic spirits called Gamaliel with their infamous Queen Lilith who is the demon of orgies and debaucheries.


The seal of Lilith.


Seal color: purple

Candle colour: purple

Metal seal: Silver

Gem: Quartz

God name: Shadai El Chai

The most auspicious time to summon Gabriel from Yesod is: the night between Sunday and Monday after midnight and until sunrise.



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