The effects of evocation of Lucifer



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Two weeks have passed since I did the ritual of evocation. During that ritual I summoned Lucifer and asked him to enter my body and mind to take over my being completely. At the same time I made a pact with my Lord to merge with him. Since that time I have been wearing the chain on my person day and night. The seal of Lucifer is close to my body every day.

If your ethical love spell you cast made you almost fall in love with the wrong partner, and you want to fall out of love fast, then bond with Lucifer during your rituals. You will fall out of love at once, because you can’t love two men at the same time (Lucifer is a male on other planes of reality).

In works of spirit summoning, one must be a bit careful. Demons and also angels push humans into action. Their power over us is on the subconscious level. It is very important to have a careful approach to these beings of extraordinary power. If you have no care the demons may highjack your mind and body too.

If you summon a particular entitie often in order to be together in your ritual reality, you may become strongly attracted to it. This may result in your inability to feel attraction and sexual love towards human partners. You will become addicted to summoning the entitie during your rituals, because you will long for contact.

Some people have such astral lovers and the experience of having soft good feeling sex with an angelic being in another dimension is very beautiful. It can’t be described with words, you simly have to experience it. After such encounters sex with human partners looses it’s sweetness.

Even if Lucifer is an archetype energy belonging to the Satanic egregore, this egregore is very powerful worldwide since Satanists feed it daily with their rituals. You will be nourished by this egregore so you can stand strong in your decisions.