How Lucifer can protect you from love that hurts



The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


This type of magick is done in emergency situations when you need to stand strong in your decisions: when “the beginning of love” ends and you need to go on with your life.

Allas, you thought it was true love! It was not love at all and it is good that you did not allow youself to fall in love.

After this ritual you will not be able to feel anything romantic towards men (or women, if you are a male). For a while of course, and until you find a better partner.

When to perform this ritual? Do this ritual during the waxing moon or during the fullmoon. Any day of the week is suitable, but Tuesdays are best (it is the day of Mars).




This is what you will need:


You will need:

a black candle (paint it with olive oil and roll it in crushed bay leaf and crushed sage)

the seal of Lucifer

a chain (a necklace)

an occult book like Goetia (your ritual book is also suitable)

You will need the book, because you will need a source of occult power. Store the seal and the chain in Goetia some hours before your ritual of bonding with Lucifer.

So, form your ritual circle. Call forth Lucifer while you gaze at his seal:

“I call you Lucifer. Please come to me. In your name Lucifer, the ruler of Earth and the King of our Universe, I command the forces of the pit to bestow their infernal powers upon me!

Open the doors that lead to Hell and come forth to love your beloved Witch. Grant me resiliens and immunity towards a man’s love so I am unable to fall in love with a man made of flesh.

Lucifer, I have taken your image and power as a part of me. By the joys of the life contained in the Hell, I demand that immunity be granted to me and immediately.

Love me Lord Lucifer, and I will love you back. Protect me from love that hurts. I offer this chain as a link to you!”


My self empowerment ritual with Lucifer.


Consecrate the seal and the chain with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Ask Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan and Belial to witness your bonding with Lucifer.

Raise power and charge the seal and the chain. Wear the chain daily and you will fall out of love fast.



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