How and why to brew bitter and sweet love potions


I am brewing my love potions.


Sometimes I cook love potions. My potions increase the love in my life. I do not look actively for romantic love, and instead know that love will happen someday.

When it come to love potions, you can brew two kinds of potions: protective ones that protect you from love that hurts, and potions aimed to allow the real sort love to increase in your life.

Be patient in the matters of love, because you do not want to attract some person who does not know how to satify you on every level.

The protective potion will act as a shielding and you will recognize “the wrong type of love” on the first day and act immidiately by saying:”Begone from my life!” inside your Witch circle.

The true partner is worth waiting for and this person must arrive some day. You will recognize this true love, because the true lover will care deeply for you.

The potions must be cooked inside your ritual circle. I have a special mini stove for cooking my potions.

When I cook my protective potions I stir the liquid counterclockwise with a help of a silver spoon.

The “true love” attracting potions are stirred in a clockwise manner.




The bitter & protective potion:

1 tablespoon basil

1 tablespoon rosmarin

a few drops patchouli oil

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 glas clean water

Stir this potion counterclockwise while boiling it. Let the potion simmer during 10 minutes. After the potion has cooled down, you may use a cheese cloth to separate the herbs from the liquid. This potion lasts from 1 to 2 weeks when kept in a glas (cover with aluminium foil).

The liquid will taste bitter and this is the point! Uncaring lovers are not welcome into my life, because I want my love to taste sweet.

Apply this potion to your chin, cheeks and tempels each morning upon awakening and each eve before departing into your sleep world.



The sweet & true love potion


The second type of love potion is the “true love attracting” one. If you use this potion you will feel more loved. You may receive roses from your loved ones as a result of using this potion.

The potion does not necessarily draw a romatic partner to you at once, but the attraction process becomes activated at once. You will need:

2 tablespoons rose petals

2 teaspoons crushed cinnamon sticks or powder

1 teaspoon basil

3-5 apple seeds

vanilla sugar

1/2 glas clean water

Cinnamon attracts both money and love.


The potion will become thick because of the cinnamon and vanilla sugar swelling. There is no sense to use a cheese cloth if you used powdered cinnamon and vanilla sugar.

I don’t know for sure which one of the above mentioned adds to the swelling of the potion (perhaps vanilla sugar). Use this potion daily to increase the vibes of love in your life.



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