Restless ghosts as a side effect of necromantic rituals and what to do









Ghosts are not dangerous. Necromantic magick can be done at the cemetery and also at home if you have graveyard dirt at home.




Restless ghosts



Restless ghosts have unresolved issues. Some of them should never be summoned, because you will never be able to get rid of them. I live together with a restless ghost. The ghost owns me.

I tried very hard to banish the stubborn ghost. The Goetia demons failed to drive away the restless man, because he loves me.

This post is about ghosts that can be banished. So, after summoning the dead during a ritual you may have a ghost in your space. If you have pets they will let you know when they see the ghost.

Pets will scream with regular intervals during nights. I do not know why the ghosts disturb my pets only during nights. All this means that you will wake up due to the noise every half an hour. The animals see the ghost with their psychic perception of reality.

I too, saw the ghost in my kitchen with my clairvoyant vision and at the same time my pets began to scream in panic. My intuition knew when the pets will start screaming the next time and it was right: my pets began screaming very soon (because of the ghosts mobility).

All this happened during several nights and very late at night. Then I realised that I had a ghost in my space as a side effect of my necromantic rituals.





Are ghosts dangerous?



The ghost is not dangerous at all if you summon a dead friend or somebody who loved you. But it feels yucky and the pets get scared. But ghosts can be dangerous (depends upon whom you summon).

How does the ghost look to us? They have no body at all, only a type of long transparent clothing that has very long and strange textile fibres (like degraded textile). The body is hollow and luminous from the inside. No head!

The ghost never disturbed me although I am sure it was in my bedroom and observed me while I was asleep.

But if I should be honest with you, I got scared when I encountered the ghost in my kitchen. The first thought was: “Holy shit! What is this? How dare this thing come and live with us?”

When you have realised that you have a guest living with you it’s time to act. No, you don’t have to call the Ghost Busters team.





Restless ghosts? Summon demon Sabnock!



Demon Sabnock is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



You will have to do a ritual to get rid of your guest. The ritual is the reverse of the summoning ritual. Use the photo of the dead person, personal items and also dirt from his/her grave. Ask the ghost to depart to the world they came from.

You should also call upon demon Sabnock and ask him to protect you from the invading shades of the dead.

But if you want the ghost to depart, it is more suitable to call upon the necromancy demons of Goetia: Bune, Murmur, Samigina or Bifrons.

Do also a ritual with chamomile in a tiny cup. Mix the herb counter clockwise to calm your pets. This chamomile will be added in small quantities to the animal food (cook the food with chamomile).

After a week or so the pets will calm down and become harmonious. The crazy behaviour during nights will stop.





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