Book review by a Witch (Author Ebbe Schön: Witchcraft and Love magick)

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi
Witchcraft and love magic by Ebbe Schön.

I am very fond of books about Witchcraft. The picture above shows a book written by a Swedish author Ebbe Schön. This book takes the reader back into the era of Witch persecutions in Sweden and is a wonderful history of Swedish Witchcraft. The book is skillfully written and contains real documents that support the facts of history.

I understood at once that the author is not a practitioner of the Occult Arts, because he describes some Witch rituals without believing in their effectiveness. If I had done these rituals I would succeed. Some sigills in this book are found in the Medieval books like Clavicula Salomonis.

The book contains copies of Witch trials which were held before the Witches were executed. The trials and tortures of Witches are a direct evidence of the fear that paralyzed the Swedish society. People were brainwashed by the Church to fear and hate Witches. Today most Sweeds are atheists and I am safe among them.

But I do not believe that real Swedish Witches were persecuted and killed. Why so? The Witch has familiar spirits, Witch bottles and other protection devices that will signal danger when the Witch is in danger. A Witch can go invisible among the masses or simply dissapear and become persona ing´cognito in the society.

It was easy to blame innocent people of things they did not do. Problems begin when people become fanatic regarding their way of life and beliefs. I also suspect that human greed was a hidden motif in case of persecutions of people. Perhaps, history is repeating itself once more today. Our world today is unsafe because of wars between nations. This is so sad.

In conclusion, Häxkonster och Kärleksknep by Ebbe Schön is a wonderful book to read. It was a pleasure to read your book Ebbe 😉