See your future one year ahead with the help of Tarot

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi

It is a lie that you can’t know your future for sure if you do the devination yourself. I can see my future in all details one year ahead. When you do a devination please pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. We get more and more of the way we feel. This is good to keep in mind if you want to know when your Prinse will arrive on a white horse. The Tarot confirms your feelings.

If you want to meet a partner for a long term relationship you must disregard that you are single today. Overcome that blood sucking feeling of loneliness. Visualize your partner in all details often. Know for sure what qualities you want to see in your mate: age, social status, jeans or pants with belts, the smell, the feel etc. Otherwise you will be attracting just ordinary partners and then say:”I don’t like anyone and can’t seem to fall in love.”

Make a detailed list of the qualities you wish to see in your future mate. Know, that the Universe will be searching for your mate wolrdwide. If this kind of mate does not live in your country, you will meet him or her on another continent or in another country, and then move together for marriage.

Be sure that you yourself are attractive. Sometimes, after women end destructive relationships, their confidence drops to level zero. This is normal. Begin by affirming every day:”I AM BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH LOVING!” Watch during the following months how your habits and behaviour changes. You will come into shape and your confidence will rise.

And of course you will have to do love spells to bring love faster into your life. Yes, people ask me to look into their future to see if their mate is coming on a white horse. I ask them:”Are you doing love spells, saying your affirmations, and visualizing your love?” If yes, then your mate is on his way to you.

But mostly people ask me to look into their future with the regard to their family economy. When I see problems in the future and tell about this people get discouraged because their situation is already bad today. The Tarot shows the situation how it is now and how it will be if things are left the same.

You will have to use affirmations to increase your incoming money. I do money Witchcraft very often to both cut down on my expences and to draw new opportunities to me. I can see details regarding the now, future in the Tarot spread, and how the situation is improving.

This spread is a modification of the Celtic Cross. I use more cards that traditional 10 or 11, because I want to see all the details: my reactions, people and of course my life path.

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi

In the middle is a card depicting the situation today (4 of Swords) which means relaxation after stress. The problem does not hurt or itch so much today as it did before. The card placed on the 4 of Swords is 7 of Swords (what bothers oneself). If I shall be honest, it’s the inner dream that has to be fullfilled. It is very important to have dreams in life, because they hold us alive.

Above these two cards is the card that shows whats going on in the thoughts and feelings.

Beneath these two cards is the card that shows whats going on in your life now. If you want to see more details then use 3 cards instead of one.

To the right is the card that shows what was not so long ago. It shows a burden that has been lifted.

To the left is the card that will show you your nearest future (something new and exiting is coming soon).

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi

The three cards in the lower right corner show where you will find yourself during the time period of 1 month-4 months. Its good to see that all be well as usual, and even more clarity will come with regard to the past and future. I hope your Tarot reading will show you happy events in your future.

The card above these three cards is in the position of “how other people see you”. I never concern myself with others opinions, because I never  seek approval from others. So, basically, one may cancell out this card.

The card above is in the position of dreams and fears. Well, I have mastered my fears and the cards never show that I fear something. Before I had achieved a mastery over my fears the card showed awful symbols: worry, insecurity, stress and panick. We will call this card for hopes, because hope is so important in life.

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi

The three cards above the hope card show the future after 6 months. Its enough that you look at the symbols and you will understand what is to come. It will be good. No, I don’t turn the cards upside down. Even if you don’t turn the cards upside down and you are unhappy, the cards will show your thoughts and mood. The cards will also show what or who you are attracting into your life with the kind of mood you have. This will be the sign for you: you need to pay attention to your thoughts.

In the lower left corner are three cards. They show the future after 1 year. It will be good and better than today.

At last the three cards in the upper left corner suggest how to act today. I have convinced myself that the Tarot is the most exact oracle, and I always consult the cards before making decisions and acting upon them. So, this was my expanded Celtic Cross spread. Enjoy 😉