Transfering the power from Witch to Witch


I charge my pentacle on the seal of Lucifer.


Many people ask me to do glamoury spells for them. This type of Witchcraft involves the creation of a temporary image that is illusive.

You yourself choose the qualities of your glamoury. If you wish to be noticed by potential mates, then you will have to use a necklace as a bewitched item.

I have met some people who used an Ankh as a glamoury to give a certain impression that was illusive to me. The impression was good at first, but at the next occasion the glamoury gave a mystical and a bit frightening impression.

I asked: “Do you use hypnotic techniques to program your necklace?” The answer was:”Yes, that is why you noticed me among the crowd!”

When you choose a necklace for the purpose of doing a glamoury spell, you should think about the purpose of the glamoury.

If your purpose is to be noticed by potential mates, then choose a necklace that is beautiful and bold. Some eye catching necklace will do the job very well.

The creation of a glamoury should be done inside a ritual circle. The best time is the night of the full moon. You have endless possibilities.

I have used other people’s pictures too in my invisibility spells. The purpose of this kind of glamoury spell is to confuse people so they see their aquantances in you, and also to go unnoticed by your own aquantances.

Actually, I am not very fond of glamoury spells to impress people with my looks. There is little sense in the creation of a glamoury, because I do not wish that people notice or stare at me.

The creation of a bewitched item will not result in a relationship. You will be noticed by folks and that is all.

You can use the method below to create a talisman for beauty. In this case choose a book about love, make up or love spells.

Now I want to tell you how to transfer the Witch power to you if you want to possess the power of a beast. The ritual involves the use of a necklace that is your protective talisman.

You may use a ring too, but you will have to wear the ring regularly then (and sleep in it too).


The seal of Lilith can be used in addition to the “donor” book for a glamoury spell. Lilith can help you to seduce your target.


Take into consideration the fact: our fingers swell during night due to the liquid and blood that does not move fast in our bodies. You are most receptive to power transfer while you are asleep.

I wear a pentacle on a daily basis, and it is charged with protection spells. You should also wear some protective talisman on a regular basis. A good choice is perhaps a hexagram, an Ankh or a pentacle.

The power of a Witch is transfered into this item. For the transfer to take place you will have to use a “donor” of the power.

I used occult books as donors of the power in my spells. Some good choices are:

Clavicula Salomonis

Aradia and the gospel of Witches


Golden Dawn

Why should you transfer the power to yourself? There is a good reason: if you need more power to defend yourself. Sometimes we may drain ourselves while using spells for defence. If you are battling someone very evil, you will need additional power from the energy pool of Witchcraft.

I have even used a book written by a very famous Witch as a donor of the power. Is this ethical? Yes. You are using the text as a donor of the power, not the picture of the Witch.

The text is connected to the egregor of Witchcraft. Text is thoughts once thought by the Witch and contains a part of her power.


You can also use the seal of Hecate in addition to a “donor” book.


I want to warn you though. Do not misuse the powers contained in occult books by doing lots of spells to transfer the power during an extended period of time.

You will begin to feel your Witch powers accumulating in you and then you should stop draining the occult books of the power contained in them.

In case if you are not careful, you may have very unpleasant astral travels, lucid dreams that end with nightmares and so on. You may end up in the Shamanic lower dimensions and see frightening stuff during your astral travels.

This will be the sign that the power is transferred to you. Now, when you continue to defend yourself, you will see a difference.

Do this ritual during the night of the full moon.


You will need:

a black candle

Hoodoo Power oil (olive oil/bay leaf/sage)

a book of your choice

your occult talisman

Form your ritual circle and open the four energi portals using the pentagram key. Call forth the powers. Light the black candle. Blow life into the book by using four elemental representations on your altar: smoke, fire, water and salt. Do the same with your talisman.

Then place the talisman into the book and close the book. Visualize the book turning into a liquid and the contents (with the floating text) being transferred into your talisman.

Raise power and transfer it into the book with the talisman. Close your ritual ceremony. Wear your talisman and watch yourself turning into a beast with incredible powers.