The drawbacks with the cremations of the dead


The Veve of Baron Samedi.


Today, I want to write about cremations that are sadly becoming a fashion trend in our society. My opinion? Stop the cremations in Western and Slavic cultures!

Just because people die often nowadays, there is no need to destroy the precious body tissues and subject the consciousness to shock via immediate dissociation of the etherical bodies from the physical.

But of course, even the Vikings used to cremate their dead folks. They built mounds as monuments to their dead. But nowadays, once the body is burnt, the ashes are kept in an urn.

The urn is then buried deep into the ground without the ashes blending with the nature.

I think that we come from earth, that is, we are a part of nature, and thus, ought to be buried in coffins according to tradition.

One more reason is this: if you are a Witch and need immediate protection or help in legal matters, your best allies are the dead. Of course, your own dead! Use the graveyard dirt in Voodoo rituals.

This is a smart reason to negotiate with the living long before they are gone. Explain to them on beforehand, that you will come to their graves when in need to fetch them home, and to use their remains (only graveyard dirt) in your Voodoo rituals.

The dead are not actually dead. They seem dead on the physical plane. That is, the dead are dead in a physical sense, but are alive in the astral dimension, and can be called forth with ease by the Witch when there is need for this.


If you let your loved ones to be cremated, the urn will not be accessible to you. When you get into trouble, there will be no Allie to defend you. You will have to turn for help to other graves.

But there is a give and take relationship with the kingdom of the dead. A part of their consciousness is still alive, and must be treated with respect. This consciousness is a part of the universal electromagnetic field (UEF), that is also called for Chi in Eastern esoteric teachings.

Sometimes, frightening things may occur after necromantic rituals (you end up with ghosts all around you). In this case, you must be observant of the following events in your life.

As, a conclusion, I would like to see the dead be buried in coffins near churches. Pets then? In this case you may store the urn in your residence. I think that our beloved pets will not object to stay at home after they are gone from the physical plane. They will still protect you, and you may call upon them at any time you are in danger.

This is my opinion, because I am a Witch. Ordinary folks may prefer cremation, because they need not keep strong links to the land of the dead.