Dreams, Witchcraft and Feng Shui


You know by now that you yourself create your reality. All reality is first born as a little thought of something desired.

Thoughts on the mental plane become powerful thoughtforms on the astral plane, and then finally crystallize and become reality on the physical plane.

There is a thought momentum going on for you. This momentum is based on the length of time you have been thinking about something desired or not.

Your most dominant thoughts are your reality now. If you want to change something in your life you have to change your thoughts. This is not easy but you can do it with the help of affirmations, visualizations of the desired outcome, and meditations to slow down the speed of your previous thought momentum.

If you decide to use symbols as a Feng Shui cure in a particular area of your home you will dream. The dreams are the result of your subconscious mind responding to the symbol.

Sometimes, when we are experiencing all kinds of setbacks, depleting worry and feel that life is taking on an undesirable route, the symbols we use as Feng Shui cures will produce instant dreams.

The dreams will show you your nearest future. Why so? I told you that there is a thought current running as your destiny. The following circumstances in your life will show you that your dream was a true one.

If you want to change something in your life you must accept that you yourself created this undesirable thing by giving it too much emotional attention. Your beliefs (the thoughts you think daily) led you to the point in life where you are now.

If nothing works for you and your life is a total mess, yes, you will have to be strong in your Spirit. But please know that you deserve a happy future and you will be there. It may take a while to build a new life tackling problems on your way.

Set out to make a list that describes your life as it is now. What do you want to change? Be honest with yourself, don’t deny the problems. Learn to dream big! Love yourself and make your selfish well being an important agenda.


If relationships are a problem for you, then you have to identify why you are unhappy. Remember, you can’t change another person. You can change yourself.

Sometimes, when we end unhealthy relationships, we are showing  extraordinary courage and deep self-love. Some relationships are not worth our attention and energy, because they drain us of our powers. Just end them.

I do not advice to focus on the “finding of a man or a woman to make life work” if relationships don’t work right now.

Someday, when you have become a powerful person, you will not need a partner by your side at all. Then, if the right person comes into your life, the love life will work for you both.

All life events are thoughts in motion forming your future on before hand. You have to slow down the negative thoughts, thought forms, and future events on the mental and astral planes first. This takes time.

How long time? Long enough in some cases. When you try to change your thought pattern after living a hell during 20 years with a partner who was not emotionally available for you, cheated on you day in and day out, it does not seem to be possible at all.

That is why the Feng Shui love cure will not help at once. You will have to heal your feelings first, and only when you are whole and happy once again can a good partner come to you.

So, I would advice that you focus on some other subject and leave the dysfunctional love life out of your plans for now. But anyway, you can clean the love sector and plan in some symbols that resonate with your  idea of love and relationships. Things won’t improve the next day. It may take a while.

If you practice Witchcraft, you can do rituals to speed up your emotional healing. One day, your unhealthy relationship will end abruptly. Don’t be shocked then. Spells manifest like this and sometimes leave us wondering long and hard. The bad stuff (those emotionally unavailable men and women, you know…and those nasty bosses…) will be washed away from your life.


When the old life decomposes, you may feel shocked for a while. This is the time to use creative visualization intensively to form your new future during the current vacuum. By this time, when ugly relationships have ended, even work has ended abruptly, satisfactory events are making their way into your life.

After you recover from the shock using Witchcraft, Feng Shui and your daily affirmations, life will feel much better.

It’s important to know what you want in life now. Define your goal clearly. Do you want to change your work for something that brings you joy? This is a wonderful thought. Visualize, visualize often that you are living your dream. Dreams come true sooner or later.