The Western Style Feng Shui Bagua map


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.



This map is the blue print of your life. Well, some folks tell me: “I don’t believe in Feng Shui!”, but I always say: “If you have problems in your life, then perhaps Feng Shui may help you to see the solution to your problems.”

Feng Shui is effective, but has some limitations. Which ones? You can’t fight folks, neutralize the harm emanating from them, stop somebody from harassing you, and silence your phobias and fears.

This can be done with the help of Voodoo Hoodoo. But Feng Shui is empowering if it is used together with Hoodoo and daily affirmations.

Sometimes, life could go so wrong and applying some Feng Shui may not help you to get creditors of your back. In this case you have to be ruthless and cut this crap out of your life by locking these annoying people in a lemon which you powder in graveyard dirt and then marinate in vinegar for all eternity.

This method is so powerful, and the annoying people will become restricted in their actions after a couple of months. Yes, the circumstances will change! And they will benefit you.

Well, the Witch is a powerful being and fights annoying companies and folks from her ritual circle. She has nothing to fear, because her powers give her confidence in herself.

But you will win more if you apply some Feng Shui. Each square is a certain aspect of your life. You will have to identify your most important life areas (which don’t work) in your home by matching the Bagua map and your home.

There are many styles of Bagua maps. This depends upon the Feng Shui school, but all are effective, because the Bagua map is a sort of circuit for the astral energy flow in your home. You know, our solid Universe is only 1 % of the unseen Universe. Each object on the physical plane has a duplicate on the astral plane.

When you move furniture on the physical plane you move the astral counterpart of the object. Feng Shui employs lots of symbols alike Witchcraft. The drawback with Feng Shui regarding the symbols is this: you need lots of cash to purchase symbols like paintings, carpets of various colours, rugs, plants, and so on. And, do not expect instant results after arranging a particular life “area”.

How do you apply the Western Style Bagua map to your home? The entrance to your home/room must be in one of the three lower sectors: Knowledge and wisdom/ career/travel and helpful people.

First of all: do not try to improve all life aspects at once. If you don’t feel loved and are fed upp with your current work, and decide to move lots of furniture in the career sector and love sector, circumstances may become very unpleasing for a while. What could happen? You could lose your income and your spouse.

Usually, it is advised to begin slowly step by step to avoid creating chaos in your life. Identify what’s not working in your life. Prioritize the Bagua sector which corresponds to the least pleasing area in your life. You will surely see chaos or broken items in that area of your home.

Feng Shui may rather help you change your thinking pattern. We attract circumstances to us with the power of our thoughts. Thoughts on the astral plane are our life on the physical plane. You can improve your life with the help of powerful symbols that trigger thoughts of relief and joy.

The first and very important step is to declutter the space in your home. Get rid of clutter and dust.

If you have problems with money it makes sense to check how effective the water system is in your home. I mean the water pressure in your shower. I found out that my shower was damaged.

In Feng Shui the water is the bringer of money. Not by itself, but the physical water’s astral counterpart is responsible for the flow of the energy of money into your life. Money is nothing more than energy.

In case of money problems there are many aspects to check. Water in your taps, your career sector, your fame sector, and the money sector. Clean them out all as a preparatory work before you decide to introduce symbols.

You may find out that you are actually done with your former work and want to do something else in life. This is a powerful decision! To know what you want in life is even more powerful!

The clutter prevents us from finding a solution to our problems. Not all dreams come true when you use Feng Shui. Your dream or desire has to be quite realistic.

You can’t make enough money in some branches, and Feng Shui won’t help to increase your income if the rules at your work say that you will only be payed [so much/month]. But the material stuff or more money may come through other avenues.

In this case introduce some very specific symbols in the relationship sector. Example: a woman leaning on a man. Why? Well, its not a secret that men make more cash.

Even if you feel very uncomfortable when you think of an eventual relationship, still, a good symbol in the love area may change your attitude towards love, from something undesirable right now to perhaps something quite okay someday.

You will also have to wright down your thoughts regarding the situation. For example: “I want to fix my new diplomas, but I don’t have the money right now. And right now I feel sort of stuck.” This will help you to evaluate how you want to design a specific sector.

It’s my experience that Feng Shui won’t help, or you will get blurred results, if you don’t practice daily affirmations. You have to believe that you are lovable before a loving partner comes into your life. A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thoughts. You change your thoughts one by one with the help of affirmations every day.

Feng Shui will bring clarity and a great flow of fresh astral energy into your home to revitalize you. This new energy will help you to begin feeling better about yourself and life. When your home is clean and tidy the energy flows unrestricted.





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