The Medieval ABRACADABRA sigil in Modern Witchcraft


The Abracadabra means ” I create as I speak”.



This is a very famous medieval method of reducing the undesirable circumstances in your life. I have used it many times very successfully, and even in combination with the magick of Hoodoo to get rid of really disturbing people.

If you wish to escape a certain situation that you are afraid of, yes, then the Abracadabra talisman will minimize your chances of getting into this situation. Do this spell when the moon is full.


You will need:

one black candle

Power oil (roll the candle in garlic powder after you apply Power oil)

A sheet of paper with your written spell on one side

On the other side: write the ABRACADABRA sigil




In like manner write out the situation your wish to avoid. An example: MARRIAGE. Reduce the word MARRIAGE using the same method like in the Abracadabra sigil.


You will also need:

your hair


graveyard dirt

an envelope


Form your circle and open the four energy portals with pentagram keys. Call upon your chosen archetypes of power. Explain your purpose in simple words and then proceed with your spell.


I use this seal when I need to hide from troublemakers.


Light the “garlic” candle. Pass the sheet of paper through smoke and fire. Then sprinkle with water and salt. Ask that your spell comes true.

Apply glue to both the Abracadabra sigil and the one you have created (with the method of reducing the letters). Place your hair on both sigils and powder with graveyard dirt.

Pack your sheet of paper with the sigils and your spell into the envelope. Raise power. Then project an imaginary ball of fire into the envelope.

Close your ritual. Let the candle burn out. Keep the envelope someplace safe. Know that you are safe, because the chances of you “getting” into the undesirable situation will decrease rapidly.