The Witch as a selective sifter of life experiences


Demon Bael will hide you away.


Well, you know best what you want in life. Others may tell you how to live, because they base their opinions on their belief system. What if you are a soldier? Do you want to die in a war? There are ways to escape the trap.

There are other situations besides going to the battlefield. Whatever the situation which you want to avoid you have the right to choose.

There is nothing that you have to or should do. You have the right to choose the better alternative. In this case you may prepare several Witch’s bottles to protect yourself from an unwanted experience: that which our society forces you to do and that which you resist.

This spell has to be done during the full moon or as near to the night of full moon. Try to choose a Tuesday or a Saturday.

I will describe how you may prepare a Witch’s bottle first and then the ABRACADABRA protective talisman. The latter will minimize chances of you falling in to the “trap” you so much try to avoid.


The seal of Aratron from Arbatel De magia Veterum.


What situations am I writing about? About situations that are dangerous for you like being sent to war against your will. Or being forced to do something that you are not interested in (sometimes even bad boys need to survive a hunt). This is a sort of invisibility Witchcraft.

After this spell is done you will have time to think things deeply, plan, create opportunities to hide in order to survive a hunt, etc.

For the preparation of the Witch’s bottle you will need:

a black candle

power oil and garlic powder

Power oil: olive oil/crushed bay leaf/ sage

a glas jar with lock

9 metal nails

graveyard dirt

black pepper


one whole garlic

plenty of salt

black thread

your hair wrapped into a napkin

your request written on a paper sheet


King Bael is very loyal and has helped me to vanish and become invisible when people searched after me.


Form your ritual circle and open the four energy portals with the pentagram keys. Call upon your archetypes of power. Explain the matter in simple words: “I don’t want to do this thing, but they force me to and I am scared. Protect me and give me a chance to escape the threat forced upon me!”

Apply Power oil to the black candle and then also apply garlic powder. Light the candle. Ask the Elementals to help you by passing your hair in the napkin through the rising smoke, then through the Fire Elementals candle, then wetting the napkin with Holy water and then at last sprikling the parcel with salt.

Ask the Elemental forces to protect you and make you go invisible and unattractive to the society. Drop the parcel with your hair into the glass jar. Drop in the metal nails and add some graveyard dirt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Shake well. Add the garlic.

Read your spell instructions (which you have copied onto a sheet of paper) to the Elemental forces and to your archetypes three times.

Fold the paper with your instructions and tie the scroll with black thread. Drop the scroll into the jar. Add a few drops of Patchouli oil. Fill the jar to the brim with salt and then close it with the screw lid.

Raise power. Release the power by visualizing a flaming ball between your palms entering the glass jar. Close your circle. Let the candle burn out.

Don’t fear the situation anymore. After you prepare a couple or three such bottles your fear will dissolve and you will start to breath in the sweetness of freedom.

Store the jar or the jars in a dark place in your basement, because it will smell garlic. Know: they are your shields and are active. You have nothing to fear.

I will continue with the ABRACADABRA talisman…