Necromantic Witchery during Halloween


The Spirit Samigina gives account of dead souls during rituals of necromancy.


Halloween is a very important Sabbat for the Witch. I don’t just do a ritual: I summon dead people into my ritual circle and hand them tasks.

The dead are alive still in the astral world and can be called upon when you need to obtain information, stand up for yourself, neutralize enemies, defend yourself and even when you want to continue your relationship with the dead as your allies.

This type of work can be performed on the 31 of October or on the 1 of November or at any other day of the year. Before doing the ritual it is very important to visit the grave in order to leave gifts as a sign of your pact with the dead person.

I leave cakes, tequila and cigarettes at the grave and talk to the dead. They hear my requests and respond. Each person feels the response in a different way.

Go to the chapel at the graveyard too and purchase a white candle for your necromantic ritual. Some graveyard dirt can be very beneficial to store at home in case you need to defend yourself from companies or state owned agencies if you happen to be treated in a poor way.

Yes, you can use the magick of Voodoo Hoodoo to get people out of your way if they treat you in a poor way. You may bravely curse them with a loss of their job if they don’t obey your terms.

The Witch rules from her ritual circle! In this case you will need to call upon papa Legba and then also upon Baron Samedi.


The Veve of Papa Legba.



The Veve of Baron Samedi.


So, it’s Halloween and you are back home after your visit at the graveyard. Arrange your altar. The altar cloth should be black as this is the party of dead.

You should also have the picture of the dead person on your altar, dirt from their grave and the candle you purchased at the cemetery chapel.


My altar.


After you have done your ritual you might want to be extra observant. Observe if the apparition hangs on in your place during the nearest days or even weeks.

If your pets get wild and scream all nights, this means you have a ghost in your place. In this case you will have to ask the dead (the ghost) to depart once more.

Be observant of your dreams. They will surely show you what you have created:” a walking dead”. You may see the dead person starting to breath, coming alive and walking slowly home, back to you.

The image you will see will show you how the dead body has progressed with the tissue degradation. This is the true state of the corpse inside the coffin.

This will happen after two weeks since the moment you called forth the dead person from the coffin bead. Don’t panick yet.

If strange things start to occur like your pets going wild, then you will know that it’s time to send the ghost back. Know, though, that the dead has heard you call them forth and eventually took on the task assigned.