Archangel Tzadkiel: a simple money spell









Archangel Tzadkiel rules Chesed and he is very helpful. This is his seal.



Archangel Tzadkiel rules Chesed and he is very helpful when it comes to matters of money. This type of money magick opens the most realistic channels for the inflow of money. No, you won’t become very rich tomorrow, but somehow your rent will be covered and you will have food on your table.

The best time to do this type of money magick is of course the waxing moon and the full moon. Choose a Thursday eve as near to the full moon as possible (do magick during the astrological hour of Jupiter).



The seal of Tzadkiel from the Armadel.


You will need:

one white candle

paper money (1 USD)

money oil

mint (dried and crushed)

cinnamon (powdered)

nutmeg (powdered)

First form your circle, open the four portals with the pentagram key, and call upon your chosen powers. Ask your protectors to realease the perfect ammount of money to cover your rent and food expences.

Pass the candle through smoke, asking the element of Air to help you. Then baptize the candle with Fire, wet the candle with Water and at last apply some Earth’s salt.

After this rub the candle with the money. At last, apply the money oil. Place the paper money under the candle and powder it with mint, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Say three times aloud:


I ask that the perfect amount of money comes to me,

From my money worries please set me free,

Give me enough cash to make it through,

And add a little extra for pleasures too.

Release my supply of money right away,

In an acceptable and most perfect way!”



Raise power by moving clockwise. You may dance and drum. When the circle feels “warm”, it’s time to release all the power. You can form an imaginary flaming ball between your hands and project the flames into the paper money.

Close your circle. Let the candle burn out. Carry the paper money in your wallet all the time. Don’t shop anything for this money. Your supply of money will be provided in time.





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