Familiar spirits, their creation and precautions in occult workings


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The creation of Familiars is a very popular subject. The creation process sometimes may need the blood of the practitioner. In this case the blood acts as a backbone for the “making and gluing” of this energetic structure.

The Familiar is a part of the Witch with her intelligence and intuition packed into it’s structure. In this way the Familiar spirit may be sent away to spy on people or as a messenger like once doves were sent to convey news.

I didn’t have an opportunity to create a Familiar for purposes of healing. My purpose was to fetch information: the truth about a very dull matter. This was accomplished by the spirit in two years. Why so long? It took so long time to spy.

Well, the effort was worth to try out and I got the truth conveyed to me by my Eagle spirit. This type of occult work may be classed as preparatory work prior to the mapping out of a protection strategy.

There are clear dangers with this type of occult workings. If things should run out of control there is nobody to help you out.

Be careful if you have small pets and create a wild astral creature (Eagles eat small birds), because you are creating a sort of Golem (in the form of a Eagle) that is created in Qabalistic practical magick. The effects of such rituals may be compared to the Necromantic Arts (you summon the spirits of dead people).

I have already described some of my Necromantic rituals and the after effects: the birds shout at nights while getting scared to death by apparitions in the living space. This is the evidence that the spirit is successfully created and can be sensed by animals.

The spirit will be an intelligent creature under your control. You should be able to control this spirit and the spirit must obey you. The spirit can be controlled with the help of sigils that are made by you when you do your ritual prior to the creation of the spirit.

When sigils are involved things get complicated, because you modify the sigil every time you wish to change how the spirit should act.

And if the spirit does not want to cooperate and becomes aggressive? Make a sigil with the drawings of a dog chain, fist and a cage. Perform the ritual using these sigils to direct the spirit into a certain action and to be in charge of it.

I do not advise you to employ sigils from Goetia to manipulate and control your Familiar. Things (events) can go so wrong and you don’t want trouble you can’t fix.

If you do not follow my advise to be careful you may experience all sorts of nasty things like your pets being killed by some “power” while they are locked inside their cages. If pets scream at nights after Necromantic rituals and after the creation of Familiars, then this probably means that the animals feel the foreign presence.

The creation of the Familiar is similar to making a Voodoo doll come alive. When the thought form gets powerful enough it may want to escape your control and move everything around into the condition of chaos.

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I will describe the creation of a simple spirit. This intelligence will live only 7 days and after these 7 days cease to be. This means that the spirit is successfully created by you and sent away to your target.

You may request that the spirit comes back immediately back to you, but you can’t really expect this. It’s my experience that the spirit has it’s own will and it will come back to you when it has completed the task given by you.

You will need something to feed the raw elemental energies (Witches employ the four Elements) which you summon into your ritual circle. By the way, the best time to create this “elemental being” is the full moon night and preferably also a Saturday (please see Clavicula Salomonis).

For the creation of a simple spirit (without sigils) you will need:

Tabasco sauce to house the Elemental spirit of Fire (2 tea spoons)

Cucumber juice to house the Elemental spirit of Water (2 tea spoons)

Olive oil to house the Elemental spirit of Earth (2 tea spoons)

Mint tea brew to house the Elemental spirit of Air (2 tea spoons)

A small bottle to mix all four Elemental liquids and to store them temporary while you are inside your ritual circle.

Prior to the beginning of the ritual I had placed the Tabasco sauce on the stove. Do not warm! This is pure symbolism, although the one who  understands the Hermetic Laws like the law of polarity, This is That and That is

This, and Like attracts Like, which are also used in Voodoo Hoodoo knows that we are taking the essence of Fire and moving it into the Tabasco sauce.

This action can be compared to using the fetishes from the target on his Voodoo doll. The target will be affected by your Witchcraft no matter the distance. This is sometimes called as Sympathetic Witchcraft.

The cucumber juice should be placed while bottled into a water bath for say a half day or so. We are moving the essence of the Element of Water into the cucumber juice. In the same way, the olive oil while bottled should be placed into a pot with earth to move the Element of Earth into the oil.

The mint tea brew may be placed someplace in the kitchen to charge it with the Element of Air. Do you follow me?

You will need your blood, but this is not mandatory at all. Use your hair instead or nail clippings. My power is stored in my long hair and I know that if I cut my hair I will loose all my power and get ill. But occasionally (and honestly very often), I cut off  some hair when I need it for my Witchcraft rituals.

You will also need a small carnelian gem (to prevent the spirit from doing harm to your auric bodies). Actually, when you create such a Familiar, you are pinching a part of your aura with its mental, emotional and astral bodies, and giving instructions to this energy, sending off the spirit to spy on someone.

But for now, you may be wondering: how the hell will the spirit convey its message to me when it comes back to me?

The spirit will speak with a human voice and give you the answer you are waiting for. This will happen, I promise you!

When and how? Well, the answer may be heard by you while you are asleep or meditating. Trust the spirit, because its my experience that the answer is correct. Always!

You will need a statue of an eagle or some other animal. Why so? We employ a Voodoo doll to target and symbolise human beings and the eagle statue is used to house the astral counterpart of a physical eagle. I had a hollow bottom at the base of the eagle statue and placed a small container in the hole.

The container stored the four charged elemental liquids: Tabasco sauce (Fire), cucumber juice (Water), olive oil (earth), mint brew (Air), my hair and nail clippings, and also the carnelian gem.

Place all this on your altar. Cast your ritual circle and open the four energy portals with the pentagram keys. Call upon your chosen powers. Activate each liquid with the corresponding Element that is present on your altar.

This step is similar to the Voodoo activation of the doll with the 4 elements on your altar. Then mix the liquids together in the prepared bottle. Cork! Shake well.

Place your hair, nail clippings or your blood into a small container and add the carnelian gem. Now its time for you to meditate and visualise the eagle being created out of the liquids in your bottle. This step is very important! Open your chakras and transfer your energy from the sacral chakra into the liquid and see in your imagination the eagle glowing with the colours of your own aura.

Now, you have created your spirit. Give it clear instructions:

that it will live only seven days

be active only during nights

sleep in its house (the statue) during daytime

come to you with an answer when the answer is obtained

dissolved away after seven days

I have experienced that all spirits loose their power as soon the first sun rays strike our planet. Why so? I suspect that the astral substance is very sensitive to harsher energies during daytime when so many millions of people are frequenting the world with their thought activity. This disturbs!

Pour out the liquid into the container and shut it. Consecrate the statue with the four elements as if your were blowing life into a Voodoo doll. Secure the container to the bottom of the statue. Give very clear instructions to your servant.

Raise power in your circle. Release the spirit by letting it leave your circle. Visualise very clearly your servant landing on the targets shoulder. You have to direct the spirit by visualising during say 10 minutes. Close your circle. That is it!

Day 1 after this ritual: pour out a bit of the liquid from the little container into the ground.

Day 2 after this ritual: pour out a little bit more

and so on…

Day 6 after this ritual: pour out everything into the ground.

Now all links to the spirit are chopped off. This means that the “pinch from your aura” has detached from your auric bodies and now is travelling to your target to merge into the targets aura. You will “see and hear” as if you were the target, that is why the answer is always reliable.

When the task is over, the “pinch from your aura” will detach away from the target and attach to your aura to become a part of you again. You will know how the target thinks and feels.



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